a question to ask

sometimes when you stroll down a beach you can’t help the primary science curriculum coming to mind … yes I know … sad isn’t it … but this was the thought …


The PoS requires all parts of working scientifically to lead to substantive subject knowledge but in the knowledge sections there are several examples where no understanding of science is required, just the observing of effects e.g. electrostatics Y6 (no explanation required), making a magnet Y3 (no explanation required), describe movement of the Sun across the sky Y1 (real cause not to be taught). How can this inconsistency be justified?


… perhaps one to put any DfE person/MP/anyone who could help/passing stranger.


About annegoldsworthy

Primary Science specialist. Going for more independent thinking and less being told what to think. And that goes for teachers as well as children. We need to change that draft curriculum for science. Follow me on twitter @afgoldsworthy
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