well well well …

As many of you will know from last week’s brilliant ASE conference, sometimes all this moaning about a curriculum has an effect. Coo – er – knock me down with a feather etc but, I was asked by DfE to help with the revision. Had to hand over part way through to excellent friend and colleague Brenda Keeogh as my dear 100 year old Dad died. Not allowed to say much more at this point but think worst whoopsies have been laid to rest although timescale meant that major changes were not possible. Hope this explains why things have been a little quiet on the blogging front. Here’s to a happy new year and a better curriculum.


About annegoldsworthy

Primary Science specialist. Going for more independent thinking and less being told what to think. And that goes for teachers as well as children. We need to change that draft curriculum for science. Follow me on twitter @afgoldsworthy
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2 Responses to well well well …

  1. Pauline Carter Bailey says:

    A ray of hope indeed! Good to hear that some things might be changed for the better. How far are DfE in addressing assessment? I have been told recently by an Leadership Partner in NW that some schools are not assessing in Science, which concerns me greatly in terms of how pupils are engaging in science & if OfSTED asked subject leaders to identify where there are strengths and areas for improvement. Anybody out there with up-to-date information?

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