What a send off!

I have just returned from the most moving ceremony in memory of Brenda. There were hundreds of people there  sharing their memories of Brenda,her inspirational work and her wonderful partnership with Stuart Naylor. Jane Turner spoke brilliantly on behalf of the science education community and Stuart’s speech was full of love and joy and pride. An emotional but wonderful day.

About annegoldsworthy

Primary Science specialist. Going for more independent thinking and less being told what to think. And that goes for teachers as well as children. We need to change that draft curriculum for science. Follow me on twitter @afgoldsworthy
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3 Responses to What a send off!

  1. Katie says:

    It was very moving, and warm and funny and just perfect. Glad to be part of such an amazing community. Stuart was just amazing and all the speakers summed up everyone’s thoughts and feelings so well. An emotional day all round.
    PS Also the boys at that school were wonderful!

  2. I was so happy to be there with all those who loved and admired Brenda.

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