The next draft of the curriculum est arrive

So it has landed.

Click to access national%20curriculum%20consultation%20-%20framework%20document.pdf

And although my fine tooth comb has remained in its case, on a quick whizz through it really does look like a document that we can work with. It has much more of a primary feel than the original document and also far more useful notes and guidance.

Brenda and I feel pretty pleased and we’re delighted that so many of our suggestions have been taken on board. We’re grateful to the DfE for listening and responding really pretty positively. We also had a vg team backing us up – thanks all of those from ASE’s Primary Committee who offered excellent suggestions and support.

Think there are some fine tuning issues – one of the main things we should do is an analysis of how much of the content could be done through an enquiry where children can get evidence about the way the world works for themselves. Will try to do this and post it up.

But for now, I think it is time for a little celebration. We are going in the right direction. The curriculum is heading for something teachers will recognise as being suitable for their children and I am heading in the direction of a glass of wine.





About annegoldsworthy

Primary Science specialist. Going for more independent thinking and less being told what to think. And that goes for teachers as well as children. We need to change that draft curriculum for science. Follow me on twitter @afgoldsworthy
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2 Responses to The next draft of the curriculum est arrive

  1. Beth Budden says:

    That sound good…I hear a lot of talk about Gove’s old fashioned knowledge obsession when it comes to other subjects. I’m glad science seems ok?

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